Paul Zizka has spent more than 10 years documenting the interplay of light and weather in the mountains, shooting alpine endeavors and unique international locations to capture the spirit of adventure.

In the Starlight with Paul Zizka is an intimate portrait of the professional mountain landscape and adventure photographer from Alberta, Canada. Specializing in photographing in difficult conditions and hard-to-reach places, Paul is constantly exploring his backyard in the Canadian Rockies. For his next adventure, he embarks on a journey to Greenland to capture frozen structures and the splendor of icebergs in the rugged landscapes. While the external pressures are getting more and more frequent in his life as a famous photographer, Paul takes on a demanding ascent of Mount Whitehorn, a spectacular mountain peak in Mount Robson Provincial Park, looking for disconnection and new photographic challenges.

Paul Zizka

Mountain landscape & adventure photographer
Mathiu Le Lay

Film director & cinematographer inspired by nature

Directed by
Mathieu Le Lay

Mathiu Le Lay


INDLANDSIS is the first chapter of the project where Paul Zizka
documents his first expedition on the Greenlandic icecap.

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